the customer experience

Yashpal Matharu

“West Coast Beauty Supply has 130 locations, 5 distribution centers, and a large headquarters. When Jeff Robbins took over our account our telecommunications were in total disarray. We did not know what all our phone numbers were, what each phone bill was for, or exactly what services we paid for each month.

“He negotiated refunds and credits totaling over $100,000.”

We learned exactly what each of our 677 phone numbers is, what its use is, and what we were paying. We believed we had about 250 numbers. It turned out to be 677. Jeff discovered overcharges, disconnected services still being billed, lines belonging to other business on our bill, contract minimums not being met, and overpriced services. He negotiated refunds and credits totaling over $100,000. New contracts on voice services lowered our costs by almost $40,000 per month. New contracts and carriers on data services resulted in savings of over $90,000 per month. We now understand our services and have a single point of contact for everything. It has simplified our billing and improved management of our telecommunications.

Yashpal MatharuDirector, Information Technologies · West Coast Beauty Supply