Is Deconfusion the right consultant to serve your needs?

Do your monthly telecommunication costs exceed $2,500 per month for voice (local and long distance) , data, internet and cellular billing? Does your company have too many bills that are not easily understood? Does it take more than 8 hours per month to analyze your bills and services? Do you know at a glance: What bills cover which services? What services are provided by which carriers? What phone numbers your company has? Whom to call for customer service? Where to get immediate answers about billing?.

Deconfusion represents a more practical way of bringing corporate telecommunications into the 21st century.

We realize that corporate management wants communications that work and are cost effective. Our focus is on simple services that work. You don’t really need to understand telecommunications and all the myriad services available. It is our job as telecommunication consultants to translate your telecommunications services into an easily understood set of bills and services without a lot of extra information to confuse you.