Is your business ready to communicate in the new economy of the 21st century?

Deconfusion Consulting can help you to rightsize your telecommunications services with technology that is appropriate to your budget needs and finances. It isn’t about having the latest and greatest, but utilizing proven and cost effective telecom services and equipment. Our goal is to help each customer to develop an easy to implement, simple to understand, cohesive, and manageable long term telecommunications strategy. In doing so we expect your company to become self sufficient over time and have little need of our consulting services unless our consultants are assisting in preparing for future stages of growth.

Now there is an automated concierge that customers will want to use, 4Cs!

What differentiates 4Cs from other Speech Recognition Companies?

• 4Cs’ Intelligent Knowledge System is a unique layered escalation process.
• This is a seamless integration between live agents and our automation.
• It is the hallmark of 4Cs’s solution. As caller responses are processed and identified.
• 4Cs uses 7 distinct layers to filter data that has been flagged in the system for review.

ASAP (Automated System Assimilation Platform.

A. If a call is sent to a live agent ASAP ensures any data captured within the 4Cs Call Handling Applications will be passed to a live agent, thus reducing the Average Handle Time (AHT.)
B. Whether the call is for technical support, trouble tickets, billing, sales, or customer service, there are some common denominators among almost all inbound calls.

- I. Who is calling?
- II. What is your account number?
- III. Contact information?
- IV. How we can get a hold of you if the call gets disconnected?
- V. Who would you like to speak with?

C. 4Cs captures, verifies, validates, and authorizes the caller.
D. 4Cs then determines where the call should go.
- I. If self-service is not an option it reduces the handle time of the agent by 2 to 3 minutes.
- II. The underlying VoIP and SIP platforms have the ability to move captured data outside of the applications used to collect it.
- III. In real-time het collected data passes to the agent’s desktop through ASAP.
- IV. This process eliminates the lengthy time and IT resources needed for backend integration.
- V. Our applications process information, such as credit card payments immediately.
- VI. The information is entered by ASAP rather than being transcribed at a later time.

The Customized Call Handing Platform is a fully hosted system.

e. 4Cs has strategic partnerships with the best telecommunications and service providers.
f. We are able to offer hosting services to our customers.
g. 4Cs can offer the flexibility of partially or fully hosted v- Business implementations.
h. 4Cs provides a range of hosted and on premise options that allow you to choose what is right for your business.
i. This enables you to consider remote hosting as a part of your long term strategy.

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We understand that profit is the essence of business.

If our ethical telecommunications consultants’ recommendations are not assisting your business in achieving greater profitability, we are not fulfilling our functions. We are professional consultants specializing in telecommunications. We evaluate and design all aspect of telecommunications. We do not know it all, but we will involve content experts when necessary to complement our knowledge base. Please take advantage of our no cost telecommunications assessment in order to decide whether we are the right consulting company to assist in facilitating your business growth. Should we partner you will find that we are carrier neutral and service agnostic, which allows us to guide your business to the choices that benefit your company. We will also provide regular reviews to ensure that you are being billed correctly and experiencing the quality of service, savings and simplicity that you want and deserve.

Would you be happy if everything just worked without causing any further brain damage? Do not read beyond this point unless you want to clutter your mind with telephony terms!

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Or would you rather work with somebody who understands all this stuff for you so you can do the things that make your business successful?